I cant deaaaaaaaaaal



its funny how its the fucked up narcissistic ppl that need help but in the end the only ppl seeking help are their victims

verbal abuse

Venting to my friend just now, ive come to realize the true impacts of verbal/emotional abuse and my own experience with it.

When i look back at my past, the person who was most verbally abusive towards me was my grandma, whom i lived with for 6-7 years since i was 9. So thats enough time to do enough damage, you know? especially when she wasnt the only one like this towards me (but she was the worst). And as i was venting to my friend, cursing everything i possibly could, it hit me that all my moments of self doubt are haunted by my past. My inner monologue that spews negative and horrible things about myself at times, is rly just an echo of all the things my grandma would used to tell me, even though i know they arent right or true.

My boyfriends mother is similar to her and i really cannot deal with the things she says sometimes. She might not realize what an actual narcissistic twat she rly is, but its no excuse to talk to me (and everyone else) like im beneath her and tell me how im shameful to women. Its not normal and its rly fucking triggering.

after half a yr not touching my ipod i finally charged it recently and ive noticed a great difference in my mood

listened to a whole lotta schoolboy and gucci mane during my long commute

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theres rly nothing to post or talk abt besides my butt these days

life be like work gym sleep, repeat

listenin to flockaveli getting me alll pumped

i think i have a poutine problem

But i guess if u were taken care of by james franco, ud have faith in humanity too

i teared a little in many scenes of planet of the apes

fuckin koba!!!

Became a lil too attached to planet of the apes

when i call a local bar to pick up poutine and they tell me the kitchen is closed #kimkcryingstillsaredabest

when i call a local bar to pick up poutine and they tell me the kitchen is closed #kimkcryingstillsaredabest

This is what happens when you get into an argument with stupid white men on the internet

they will tell you your argument is invalid because ur a slut (lol) and that you dont understand their point because you r chinese

So ya dont bother